Right or rong?

This arvo I observed in my twitter timeline that two of my followers that I follow had RT’d the same interesting tweet re Pink Floyd. Simultaneously. Both of these fellas are awesome bloggers and much, much better at web stuff than me. So I tweeted them both saying if you don’t know each other why not say hi.

And then my second guessing started. Why should I? Would they think me presumptive? Is this too direct a version of #FF Follow Fridays?

As it turned out they are already connected and they do follow each other – and I got a lovely tweet from them both saying so.

My conclusion in this case is “Fine No Worries”. But the perceptive part of me wonders if there might be a similar circumstance where my kudos goes down not up….

And the app side of me wonders if there’s a quick way of answering the “I wonder if they follow each other?” question.


2 thoughts on “Right or rong?

  1. I am delighted we connected and I don’t think it was wrong to connect two people with similar tastes. As you knew us both and we knew you then there should never be an issue. I believe Twitter is working on the ‘if you follow x you will like y’ tool and there are directories like wefollow.com that can help you specifcy yourself by interests. As you will see from the tweet complaints, automated profile recommendations can often be wrong and way off so stick to the personal approach 🙂

  2. Thank you 🙂 I think I was just second-and-third guessing myself, as I’d never done so direct an "intro" before, having been an occasional user of Friday Follows. And I think you’re right about the personal approach – I have looked at some of the auto-recommends but not followed any as they’re "not to my liking". I didn’t know about wefollow.com – I might look at that and try to classify my many twitter interests, which seem to flux and change by the month!

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