Car Insurance

I watched a TV program tonight about a five car crash on the M40 in snow. Night-time. Winter. You can imagine. Bad driving conditions to say the least.

Thankfully no-one was hurt. The police who attended duly investigated and charged one driver with driving uninsured. That lady was fined £100 and given six points on her licence.


Now hang on. I’m a hard working law abiding citizen running two cars in my household. Both cost over £300 per annum to insure. So if I don’t insure, and have a crash, I get fined £100? Bargain. But badly wrong in my book.


Someone needs to seriously looking at a huge monetary (and punitive!) increase in the fines and punishments for driving uninsured. Here’s my opening bid.


£1,000 fine – make it hurt and make it much, much more than what one would normally pay for insurance. Then disqualify them from driving for three months.

They’ve put everyone else at risk – take away their right to drive. Simples.


And repeat offenders? Jail. Two years. Nip it in the bud. Draconian yes. Warn, then punish. Hard.


Let’s make it socially unacceptable to drive uninsured.


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