Why shouldn’t I be cross?

My drive into central London was spoilt by roadblocks due to the protestors.

My drive out of London was spoilt by huge traffic jams due to the protestors.

My customer decided to have a day off without informing me or cancelling our appointment –

her staff informed me when I arrived breathless after nearly busting a gut to get across London.

They shut the M25 making my journey home a total of 5.5 hrs for what should be a 1hr drive.

I get home and find out that those <expletive deleted> protestors have attacked Charles and Camilla.

I find out that police have been injured and hospitalised protecting our streets.


Yeah, I think I’m right to get cross.


Bastards. You have the right to protest. No-one NO-ONE gives you the right to do this.

Pull your head in, get to work, and fix this bloody country quick smart before anarchy takes over.


I say again.




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