This house believes……

……that the Daily Mail consciously, and with full forethought, intentionally uses inflammatory negative articles to encourage comment

and promote website traffic and sharing of their incendiary ideas. These ideas would crumble under close inspection. Shall we? Let us indeed.


First, open the above article. Now answer the following questions:-

(1) How many “bad” words in the first sentence? By “bad” I mean conjuring up inflammatory ideas in the reader’s mind.

Fanatics banned hate denouncing evil – that’s five in my book. Getting yourself into a mindset yet? Even if you disagree strongly, the hook is set.

The second sentence, well, I hope you would agree there are a few more “bad” words to get you drilled right down into that mindset. Is any emotion welling up yet?


(2) What is the NAME of the banned Islamic hate group? This useful fact should be stated somewhere in the article, surely? No….

There’s some tenuous links to Islam4UK, but who are the fanatics? and what is their group name now? “Mr Rumaysah, who said his campaign was not linked to any group” what?!? But the opening sentence says……


(3) What is the content of the articles surrounding the main one? Are they equally “eye-catching”? Oooooh, let’s click on that one of Dirty Harry and something to do with the Royal Wedding? Or the Bikinis / Pregnancy / CapriceCloseUp  / AlanSugarUnderworld  / DiazBottom / Beckhams / SleepingWithaHairdryer – yeah right. You couldn’t make it up. Or could you?


(4) Read the comments – Muslims are offended; Christians are offended; decent people ALL have typed out (to the point of weeping on their keyboards) an exposition of just how emotional they felt upon reading this article…….


…..while they spent time on the website, clicking through to other articles, driving up website dwelltime stats and increased ad revenue. Who wins? Daily Mail.


It’s a marketing ploy. And it works. If you read the article, and comment, or retweet your indignation, they’ve gotcha. Howzat?


And a final thought – if what Seth has said for the last two or so years is true, and print media is dying rapidly, how do you drive people to your online equivalent? Hmmmmmm


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