whole week off telly

Our house is a bit noisy at the best of times with four children. Busy – well, yes, of course.

But it has been noticed by us parents that the behaviour of inter-sibling tetchiness has increased somewhat since the New Year and return to school routine, and the goodwill of Christmas seems to have faded a little.

So last weekend, on the spur of the moment, after one particularly noisy scuffle,I went upstairs to the PC and printed out an A4 sheet which said “Television resumes 14th January” in size 72 font and placed it wordlessly on top of the Sony 32in.

Silence greeted this gesture. Well, silence except for the sound of three jaws dropping (our 2 year old can’t read). I explained that TV, DVDs, computers, gaming screens and handheld consoles were banned from now (last Sunday) all through the school week.Radio was an exception. As was computers needed for homework.

And I can now happily report that I think it was a success.

Last Sunday afternoon there was running around the loungeroom and jigsaws.All week there has been reading. CD’s have been sought out. Stories have been read to one another.

I think it was a success from a parenting point of view. I would like to consider instituting this for one week every month, the aim being to develop a non-dependence on electricity for entertainment.

Has anyone ever tried anything like this for an extended period?


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