I’ve been having an on-and-off again conversation with @TheTrudz,

who is a excellent photographer on twitter, about whether mobiles do photos that are worthwhile.

When my daughter came whizzing by on her new scooter I panned and shot this in a hurry with my wife’s iPhone.

And I’m quite pleased with the result. Do you think so too? Or not?


2 thoughts on “Vroooooom

  1. I love mobile photography. I don’t think it is superior to that which is made with a dSLR, film slr, point and shoot or medium format/high end camera. It’s all about the image. But, most clients DO EXPECT me to show up with a dSLR, so I wouldn’t show up with an iPhone unless I cleared it with them, or did both types of images, and the both idea is great!Love this photograph of yours. She looks really on the go! LOL. Childhood rocks.Thanks for the compliments above. 🙂

  2. You’re very welcome! Mobile has the advantage that it’s always with you, and some of the apps now available can make an ordinary shot really special (eg Camera+). I agree that if a photographer turned up with only an iPhone that would be just weird, but I could see a place for using it for quick framing shots, or extra atmosphere, or different POV, or to just enhance the range of photos to show the client and choose from.And thinking out loud from a marketing point of view, it does introduce a non-premium product stream that one might sell more of, along with just a small "niche" quantity of the SLR shots. Forgive me if I’m way outta line here but the idea just popped into my head and may have some merit, even of development is needed (pardon the pun!)

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