In praise (and proof) of vaccination

An excellent and comprehensive overview of the arguments that should be pulled out from your quiver if someone suggests that vaccination is not worthwhile. This post is not mine. Just saved here for easy reference. Here’s the owner:-

“This content was posted by Todd W (todd [at] flurf (dot) net) on the Bad Astronomer‘s article Jim Carrey loves the pro-disease movement on Thursday 23 April 2009, and is reposted here as a courtesy to the author by Eric TF Bat (bat[at]flurf (dot) net). Special thanks to kill3rTcell for spotting typos and pointing me to more references”

Also @RichardAtUCT and @CraigWilson tweeted so I found it – thanks both. I follow @BadAstronomer on twitter and recommend him for space geekiness and pure science.

And here’s the article:- “The Truth About The Evils Of Vaccination”


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