If only they knew #WDDTY

A week or two ago I entered a competition on Facebook to help the publication “What Doctors Don’t Tell You” with a new byline. This publication falls below my expectations for plausability and makes startling claims such as “Foods That Kill Cancer” and “Mega-cure for the incurables – Vitamin C fights it all, from measles to AIDS” and many more – see the Quackometer and more.

Well, blow me down if I didn’t win!

Congratulations Pedro!
You are one of the winners of our Facebook Contest!
You have won a whole year subscription to What Doctors Don’t Tell You Magazine. This will be monthly delivered to your door.
Please reply to this email with the address you want us to deliver the magazines to.
We hope you enjoy our issues and share your thoughts with your friends and family!
Warm Regards,
My byline was “Ask for the evidence. Ask here.” I will be checking the magazine monthly for hard evidence that the treatments they promote are plausible. We’ll see. And yes, I will be sharing my thoughts. As requested.

9 thoughts on “If only they knew #WDDTY

    1. Sorry if confusing. Did I reply too hastily and not make sure you got the message that I’m skeptic and anti WDDTY and thus a supportive correspondent not ridiculer? Sorry if so. I’m new to WordPress. Still learning commenting mores 🙂

      1. Sorry for the misunderstanding, I should have explained myself better. I realise you are skeptic and anti WDDTY but I’m not sure they do!

        I was just meaning where to file your post on my list of WDDTY posts. I think it fits under “Correspondence” as well as “Ridicule”.

    2. Sorry again. Penny just dropped. Doh. Please put me as correspondence (neutral) rather than ridicule. At least until after they start sending me the subscription. Then we can review my position.

  1. I do always try, with every correspondence, to ridicule at the same time. Luckily, with the new liable laws in place, it’s much easier for me not to get sued! 🙂

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