Parking on School Safety Zone :: DU04HZG and LO62VXE

This afternoon I cycled to school for the pickup run. Not once but twice was my way blocked on the main road by cars double parked on pavement-doubleyellows halfway out into the road. I asked both these drivers to move their vehicles as they were causing an obstruction.

But then I found the BMW’s. Not one, but two. Parked on the School Safety Zone outside the school. You know, the one which is clearly signposted “No Stopping Mon- Fri 8am – 5:00pm On School Entrance Markings”. The zone where children can cross the road safely, with a clear line of sight up and down the road (but not if there are vehicles in the way!!).

The first driver upon being asked why he was parked there stated that he had to stop to use his phone and that it’s illegal to drive using the phone. When I pointed out that where he was parked was illegal, he stated that he was stopped not parked. So I took his photo to report to Hertfordshire Police. Front and back.

Then there was another. But I knew this chap as I’d previously clocked him parked so, and challenged him. He smiled and put his thumbs up for the photo, after refusing to move his illegally parked vehicle. Please, give this man a ticket. Please.

BMW’s both of them. Playing to type?!?!? Hmmmmm. Registration numbers DU04HZG and LO62VXE have been reported to Hertfordshire Community Policing Team and I look forward to follow up of my case report 405071013.


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