Triple parking in a changed world :: updated

This morning I did the school run by cycle (no traffic worries!) and was on the way home when a Black Van Man chucked a yewie* and parked. The speed with which he manouvred his vehicle in within the school safety zone already caught my attention – but then his parking stole it completely. On the kerb. On double yellows. Within 10m of a corner. TRIFECTA!

He walked down the road to take his child to school, and I called across to him “Hey mate, are you going to leave your car parked like that?”

He responded “It’s only for a minute” whereupon I countered “But you CAN’T! It’s on a kerb and on double yellows and too close to the corner!” His response was predictable. “F*ck Off!”

In the presence of school children, and other parents, at going-in time. Beautiful.

What he doesn’t realise is that the world has changed. The presence of mobile phones with incorporated cameras, and non-emergency hotlines to police, means that action can be taken within the hour.


Reported to Herts Police on 101. Vehicle identified. Managing Director of Black Van Man’s company contacted by police. He and I will speak by phone today (his idea – a good one I think – potentially stops me from making details public!). He has promised to police that he will Have Words with the driver. Herts police case number 12408112013.

This incident happened at 08:53 today. I typed this at 09:33 – the world has changed.

Some tips for this new world:-

  • If you drive a company liveried vehicle, be very very good on the road. Your boss is watching, through our eyes.
  • If you drive ANY vehicle on the road, be aware that many many other riders, pedestrians and concerned citizens now do both on-road filming/photography (geolocation & DateTime stamping!) and reporting which is capable of securing convictions. Google RX11AXP to see what I mean. Again, be very very good.
  • Police forces now have online methods of allowing reporting of incidents – the RoadSafe initiative by Met Police London being but one example.

Some others for you to google yourself – S61JGC and KJ56HGF. Are you being good now?

I’m grateful to @CyclingMikey for assistance with this post – follow him on Twitter and YouTube. Fully date & time stamped livery-detailed registration-clearly-shown photos are on file and available for court appearances.

PS Illegal and bad parking just for a minute is not forgiveable. This guy blocked visibility for pedestrians and vehicles, and made the world much more unsafe for “just a minute” (which turned out to be about seven minutes). Idjit.

2013-11-08 08.54.39 PUBLISH LR

2013-11-08 08.54.50 PUBLISH LR

Identifying details hidden to protect the guilty.

*Oz Speak – means “U-turn”


The managing director and I did speak. He shares my concern, and stated that the driver had broken company policy and will be subject to disciplinary action.

Hopefully the driver will consider carefully before parking illegally ANYWHERE from now on. Hopefully.


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