BSides London 2014

Dear @BSidesLondon,

I have some good news – and some bad news.

I’m delighted to report that my boy is doing Les Miserables – he’s playing Gavroche for 6 weeks to cover illness.

I’m beyond gutted to report that he’s playing on Tues 29th – which with the tube strike means that should I decide to attend BSidesLondon, I’d have to go into & out of London, twice, on a tube strike day. I think this unwise due to how the roads get snarled, especially as it’s is not possible to contemplate the consequences of not getting him to Queens Theatre after school*

So, regretfully, I have to bow out of attending. But I’d like to seek your advice as to the best time to cancel my ticket with respect to your weekend release plans, and of course any last minute changes of the tube strike likelihood.

So, should I cancel my ticket now? Weekend? Monday? When do you think?

Sorry. You know how much I love BSidesLondon.


*Yes, I have thought of the Javvad/SirJester consequences.

Fear and concern gripped me momentarily, but compared to a West End chaperone, those guys are pussies.

Dear Pedro,
Both congratz and sorry to hear that 😉 The sooner the better to release the ticket.  I can then relocate it to the waitlist this weekend.
Dear @BSidesLondon,
Cheers. Order cancelled. It’s all yours. Make sure it goes to someone as devoted to BSidesLondon as me ok??
<searches HaraKiri on YouTube> #gutted

For tickets and more information head over to



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