The Go-Between

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Performance dates :- (more links below list)

Archie Stevens Headshot v2

Wed 21st Sept 14:30 (matinee)

Fri 23rd Sept 19:30

Sat 24th Sept 19:30

Mon 26th Sept 19:30

Fri 30th Sept 19:30

Sat 1st Oct 19:30

Tues 4th Oct 19:30

Wed 5th Oct 19:30

Thur 6th Oct 19:30

Wed 12th Oct 14:30 (matinee)

Sat 15th Oct 14:30 (matinee) LAST SHOW


Websites FYI

The Go-Between Musical

The Go-Between – Archie

The Go-Between – Apollo

Apollo Theatre Tickets – London Theatre Direct

Apollo Theatre Tickets – Nimax

TV show “L00se Women” – Michael Crawford Guest – Archie briefly onscreen (at 2:00mins)


Previous performances (archive)

Mon 6th June 19:30

Tue 7th June 19:00 (Press Night)

Fri 10th June 19:30

Sat 11th June 19:30

Tue 14th June 19:30

Wed 15th June 19:30

Fri 17th June 19:30

Sat 18th June 19:30

Tues 5th July 19:30

Wed 6th July 19:30

Thu 7th July 19:30

Mon 11th July 19:30

Fri 15th Jul 19:30

Sat 16th Jul 19:30

Wed 20th Jul 14:30 (matinee)

Fri 22nd Jul 19:30

Sat 23rd Jul 19:30

Tue 26th Jul 19:30

Wed 27th Jul 19:30

Thu 28th Jul 19:30

Mon 1st Aug 19:30

Fri 5th Aug 19:30

Sat 6th Aug 19:30

Weds 10th 14:30 (matinee)

Fri 12th Aug 19:30

Sat 13th Aug 19:30

Tues 16th Aug 19:30

Weds 17th Aug 19:30

Thurs 18th Aug 19:30

Mon 22nd Aug 19:30

Fri 26th Aug 19:30

Sat 27th Aug 19:30

Weds 31st Aug 14:30 (matinee)

Sat 3rd Sept 14:30 (matinee)






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