Why I joined LibDems 2.3 hrs after Mayhem

1 – Tories will go #Brexit, tearing apart the economy, the Union and the NHS as they go

2 – Labour supports #Brexit and is an incapable Opposition

3 – Only the LibDems have sufficient party machine to rouse an effective campaign in the time given by Mayhem

4 – LibDems have consciously and loudly stated a pro-Bremain policy

5 – No other party(s) have the wherewithall to be an effective force in this election.

The only logical conclusion is to help the LibDems. So I joined the party, 2.3hrs after Mayhem (who said she’d make a statement at 11:15 then turned up early anyhow. What a liar she is)

Yes, I do remember what the LibDems did for tuition fees. But then is then, now is now.


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