Windows 10 update needed – do it now

An urgent update to Windows 10 is highly recommended. Update your computer as soon as possible if you’re running Windows 10. These links refer if you want more information. Bottom line? Update your machine now. Any questions let me know…….I’m around for advice all day today Friday 17th Jan. Contact via website […]

Digital Cameras for under £100

A friend of mine is off to Australia for three weeks later this year and wants to take a digital camera as her cameraphone takes poor pictures, allegedly. Budget is set to £100 – so here goes with some recommendations and pointers to help choose. Canon IXUS 185 Compact 20 megapixels, starts at 28mm wide […]

The Go-Between

Performance dates :- (more links below list) Wed 21st Sept 14:30 (matinee) Fri 23rd Sept 19:30 Sat 24th Sept 19:30 Mon 26th Sept 19:30 Fri 30th Sept 19:30 Sat 1st Oct 19:30 Tues 4th Oct 19:30 Wed 5th Oct 19:30 Thur 6th Oct 19:30 Wed 12th Oct 14:30 (matinee) Sat 15th Oct 14:30 (matinee) LAST […]

Main Stream Media

With all that’s happening in France,  the last few days I’ve watched Sky News a little bit more than average (NB average = nil). What amazes me is seeing news anchors holding up Front Pages of Tomorrow’s Newspapers and describing them in detail, noting importance of layout and colours and content. Can’t help but thinking […]

BSides London 2014

Dear @BSidesLondon, I have some good news – and some bad news. I’m delighted to report that my boy is doing Les Miserables – he’s playing Gavroche for 6 weeks to cover illness. I’m beyond gutted to report that he’s playing on Tues 29th – which with the tube strike means that should I decide […]

Les Mis Mk2

Our own Gavroche will appear again for a short run replacing a Gavroche who’s in a plaster cast for a while. Schedule is:- Fri 25th April 7:30pm Sat 26th April 2;30pm & 7:30pm Mon 28th April 7:30pm Tue 29th April 7:30pm Wed 7th May 2:30pm & 7:30pm Thu 8th May 7:30pm Fri 16th May 7:30pm […]